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Why will your cat love you even more when you invest in a cat fence ?

The greatest gift we can give to our pets is the possibility of a long and healthy life in a home full of love and care. To make our cats even happier, we provide them with appropriate living conditions not only at home, but also outside.

‎Safe fence for a cat‎

‎The risk of your cat escaping is a very unpleasant vision for any owner. And no wonder – your wandering pet is exposed to many situations which would best be avoided.‎

‎To ensure the safety and comfort of your pet, you need to choose the right ‎ ‎‎fence.
‎ A good fence for a cat, especially for active individuals, guarantees the stimulation of all the pet senses and the possibility of resting in the sun. The ideal fencing should have the following parameters:‎


  • ‎Height at least 1.8m. additionally extended with our brackets to over 2m.

  • ‎Curved brackets inwards of the property, connected with steel rope,‎

  • ‎Layer of super strong mesh with fine holes (not more than 4 × 4 cm)

‎Why is it important to have a

cat fence system in your garden?

‎Specialists believe that access to fresh air is very important for both dogs and cats. Various stimuli stimulate the animal senses, which translates into proper functioning. Smell, sound, the feeling of warm sun on the fur, or the

observation of birds. When going outside, it is necessary to take care of the safety of your pet. Keeping your pet in a designated area prevents accidents, injures and reduces risks.

Our cat fence offers the highest degree of protection for your cat.

Product Features 

Make it more difficult for a cat to escape
Made from stainless black steel
Black matt powder coated brackets

Rounded edges for cat safety
UV/resistant to weather condition brackets and mesh
Super strong polypropylene mesh

Long lasting
Modern, eye-friendly design

Easy to mount and dismount

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